Incorporate those laid out in the current British Cycling hand book, further additions as listed below. These are the rules that the Malverns Classic insist on.

Penalties are shown in brackets ( ). Please note if you are withdrawn from the event, disqualified or unable to race then there will be no refund, transfer or any payment regards costs involved of attending the event or loss of income.

British Cycling Commissaires: A minimum of one BC Commissaires will be present at the BC sanctioned events.

The courses will be covered by marshals all aged 21 years of age or older. They will have red and yellow flags, hi-viz vests, radio communications and be briefed each morning.

1.0 By entering the Malverns Classic event you agree with the following rules and conditions and those laid down by British Cycling where applicable. By breaking any of the rules you will incur the applicable penalty.

1.0.1 By entering the Malverns Classic event you understand and agree that you participate in the race entirely at your own risk, that you must rely on your own ability in dealing with all hazards and that you must ride in a manner which is safe for yourself and all others. You agree that no liability whatsoever shall be attached to the promoter, promoting club, meeting sponsor(s), British Cycling, or any official or member of British Cycling or member of the promoting club in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by you in or by reason of the race, however caused.

1.1 If the medics advise the race organisers that due to medical reasons a rider should be withdrawn from the event: The rider will have their number board removed and they will be withdrawn from the event. The withdrawn rider will not be eligible for a refund or a transfer.

1.1.2 If you witness a rider receiving a head impact and suspect the rider may be concussed, please notify the nearest race official or marshal and identify the rider in question.

1.2 If the race organisers believe a rider is not capable to tackle the race course they reserve the right to withdraw the rider from the event on grounds of their safety and that of the other riders, spectators and members of the Malverns Classic Team. The withdrawn rider will not be eligible for a refund or a transfer.

1.3 If a rider feels they are unable to ride or race the race track then they may withdraw themselves. The withdrawn rider will not be eligible for a refund or a transfer.

1.4 Whilst attending the podiums, all riders must wear their race kit or a copy of. Neck braces must not be worn on the podium. (Not invited onto the podium).

1.5 Re-Runs will only be permitted by the Commissaire after a red flag has stopped your race run. Please note that catching a rider will not constitute a re-run.

1.6 Only riders racing are able to communicate with the start marshal or the Start Line Commissaire.

1.7 If you have an issue with your start line order, please contact a Commissaire who will be based in the finish arena.

2.1 To compete in the final race run, all riders must start their first run and cross the start line. You do not have to cross the finish line. You will be added near or at the front of the race category for your race run.

2.2 All riders must sign on before they practice on the course (Unable to ride or race).

2.2.1 Riders racing the Enduro and Cross Country must attach their assigned transponder to the rear end of their right-hand fork leg near the base. (Unable to practice or race).

2.2.2 Riders during practice and racing must only ride with the transponder assigned to them at race registration. (Disqualified).

2.3 Riding the course during official practice or racing without being entered (one year ban from the Malverns Classic).

2.4 Failure to sign on before registration closes. (Unable to ride or race).

2.5 Riding the course outside of designated practice and race times (Unable to ride or race and to receive a one-year ban).

2.6 Competitors racing Dual Slalom, Quad Eliminator or the Downhill must have completed two full runs on the course by the end of practice (Unable to race).

2.6.1 Competitors must start with one foot on the ground at the start line if there is no start gate or post to lean on. Competitors are not allowed to hold onto the start shelter or seek any assistance in starting.

2.7 No defacing of number boards. The number boards remain the property of the Malverns Classic until the end of the event.(£5.00 to replace your front number board.).

2.8 Noise reduction at 23:00. Music and generators to be switched off.

2.9 The use of headphones, earpieces or any communication devices in either official training or racing at mountain bike events is prohibited. (Disqualified). British Cycling rule 5.7.11

3.0 Helmets must be worn at all times when on course and be correctly attached. Dual Slalom, Quad Eliminator and Downhill require you to wear a full face helmet.

3.1 Helmet strap undone first time on course or secondary taped areas (Disqualified from race run).

3.2 Helmet strap undone second time on course or secondary taped areas (Disqualified from riding or racing for the remainder of the weekend, number board removed and returned to registration).

3.3 Helmet strap not properly attached first time on course or secondary taped areas (Held in finish arena until British Cycling Commissaire speaks to you).

3.4 Helmet strap not properly attached second time on course or secondary taped areas (Disqualified from Sundays race run).

3.5 Helmet strap not properly attached third time on course or secondary taped areas (Disqualified from riding and racing for the remainder of the weekend, number board removed and returned to registration).

3.6 Walking up the marked out course or secondary taped areas either with or without your bike on inside of the race course tapes (Disqualified).

3.7 Stood in any section of the race track or secondary taped areas during practice or racing (Disqualified).

3.8 Not wearing of a helmet within the race course tapes (Disqualified).

3.9 Skin tight clothing may not be used for the Dual Slalom, Quad Eliminator or the Downhill.

3.9.1 Peaks must be correctly attached to your helmet as the manufacturer intended (Disqualified).

4.0 “Tear Off” lenses on goggles are prohibited. A system where the transparent plastic lenses are retained within the device and are not discarded is allowed.” We will allow riders to run a single tear-off to protect their lense. We will ask that they cut the extended handle off. British Cycling rule 5.6.1 Riders must respect the countryside and ride only on the official route. The rider must avoid polluting the area and must not leave any waste or litter.

4.1 Under suspicion of theft, the police will be called and you will be detained until their arrival. Anti-social behaviour, vandalism, riding mini-bikes, motorbikes, driving recklessly at the event (Disqualified).

4.2 Acts of violence, intimidation or vandalism (Life time ban).

4.3 You are not allowed to run your own uplift at any point over the race event. (one year ban).

4.4 No drone helicopters/planes are permitted at the event. (Racing will stop and you will be asked to leave the site). Further information is listed HERE.

4.5 Protection: We ask you to follow the guidelines laid down by British Cycling: British Cycling strongly recommends that riders wear the following protection: • Back, elbow, knee and shoulder protection made of rigid materials. • Protection for the nape of the neck and the cervical vertebrae. • Padding on shins and thighs • Broad full-length trousers made from rip-resistant material incorporating protection for the knees and calves, or broad-cut shorts made from rip-resistant material plus knee and calf protectors with a rigid surface. • Long sleeved shirt. • Full finger gloves • Eyewear. Note: The Federation makes no warranties or representations regarding the adequacy of any Standard or the fitness for the purpose of any brand of protective clothing and will not accept any claims arising from the use of any particular item of protection.

4.6 No chainsaws to be permitted onsite, no matter if the chain or arm has been removed.

5.1 Anti-doping: Riders participating in Malverns Classic could be subject to In-Competition testing. Any rider including any rider who has abandoned the race shall be aware that he/she may have selected to undergo testing after the race and is responsible for ensuring personally whether he/she is required to appear for sample collection. To this end, the rider, immediately after finishing or abandoning the race shall locate and proceed to the place where the list of riders who are required to appear for sample collection, is displayed and consult the list. A list of Riders who are required will be posted at the Finish Line and also outside the Anti-Doping Control Office. We will provide a secure location for anti-doping following the guidelines.

5.2 The Organisers reserve the right to amend the race course without prior notice to participants.

5.3 In the event of inclement weather, the Organisers reserve the right to delay the commencement of the race.

5.4 Should the inclement weather persist after delay, the Organisers reserve the right to change the race distance, race format or cancel the race without any refund of registration fees.

5.5 Petrol Generators:

Spare fuel must be.
The minimum amount required for the event.
Stored in a green (unleaded) or red (leaded) petrol storage container with secure closure.
Stored in a secure place.
Stored out of direct sunlight and ignition sources.
A fire extinguisher of the correct type (Powder or CO2) must be provided.

5.6 Protection of forests and woodland in paramount. Before attending the event we would kindly ask you to ensure your bike and kit is clean and free from dirt/mud.

6.0 Riders not attending the prize presentations will forfeit their prize, which in turn will be donated to the marshals raffle for the following round. If a rider is unable to make the prize presentations due to medical reasons, they will still receive their winnings. Please note that no stand in is allowed to stand on the podium in their place. If a rider is unable to attend the prize presentations due to any other reasons, they must inform the Event Manager Oliver Paton prior to the start of the prize presentations for them to receive their winnings. Please note that no stand in is allowed to stand on the podium in their place.

This list is non-exhaustive.

You will have to wait in the finish arena until the appointed British Cycling Commissaire comes to speak to you regards any of the above. Please be aware that the British Cycling Commissaire may well be up the course and you may have to wait some time before they are able to speak to you, thus losing you valuable practice time and you even missing your race run.